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Case Study:
Helping Hands Inc.

Non-Profit Charity Needed New Website

Helping Hands Inc. is a global charity organization that strives to end world hunger and poverty affecting children. The organization had a website, but it had been built by a volunteer who had little web design experience. Now that the organization is growing, they need something more professional.

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As we took a look at the current website, we noticed many things that needed to be changed. First, the site did not present a very good first impression. Poor use of layout, logo, and color failed to capture a user’s attention. Low quality photos, repetitive content, and poor grammar gave the site an unprofessional feel. The site had many pages with similar or duplicate content, and a dual menu navigation system that was confusing and difficult to use.

The organization had recently had a new logo created, and the designers at Battle Plan used it as a focus for the new design. Utilizing earth tones that complimented the logo, we created a brand new look for the website that helps make it appealing at first glance. We organized the content so that it is easier to find important information, and simplified the menu so that all the pages are easy to locate.

We also revamped the donation system, creating a “donate” page with several options for people to give money to the organization. In addition to this, we created an elaborate database of pages for the different countries where Helping Hands Inc. is opening local chapters. This allows an interested user to choose certain areas of the globe to learn more about.

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Along with creating a fresh new look for the website, Battle Plan also infused the site with social media marketing to help spread the word of their noble mission. Since taking over the account, the organization’s Facebook page has gone from 54 likes to well over 800!