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Case Study:
IceeHott Heating & Air

Fred with IceeHott Heating & Air did not have a website for his heating and cooling business until he called us early in 2014. We evaluated his business and his goals, and built a site that featured his upbeat personality and his commitment to honest and dependable service to his community.

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Serving West Tennessee as a HVAC contractor, IceeHott needed to have their website visible in a number of towns such as Obion, Troy, Martin and Union City. These are places where Fred told us he would like to generate new customers.

Within a month, we had IceeHott Heating & Air appearing on page 1 in Google search results for all the important industry related searches in all 4 towns he wanted.

At the time of this post on August 22, 2014, IceeHott Heating & Air is ranking in Google organic search results #1 in Obion, TN … and within the top 4 positions in Troy, Martin and Union City, TN.

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We Can Prove It!

Don't take our word for it. Open up Google in your browser ... type in the keyword searches below ... and see where IceeHott Heating & Air ranks today.

Or, save yourself the typing and just click the terms below ... the Google search pages will open in a new browser.

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