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Case Study:
Always Buying Books

Joplin Bookstore Ranks High in Google

Always Buying Books, a used bookstore in Joplin, Missouri, had a simple WordPress blog before hiring Battle Plan Web Design to build them a unique, custom website that would generate more business.

Not only did we give the website a bold, fresh face, but we engaged in a serious local search engine optimization campaign to get the website ranked in Google and Bing.

We launched the new website for Always Buying Books on February 19, 2013. In less than one month (March 8, 2013) here are the search engine results so far…..

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Would you like us to do this for YOUR small business website?

We Can Prove It!

Don't take our word for it. Open up Google in your browser ... type in the keyword searches below ... and see where Always Buying Books ranks today.

Or, save yourself the typing and just click the terms below ... the Google search pages will open in a new browser.

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