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Case Study:
Oak Ridge Inn & Campground

The fine folks at Oak Ridge Inn & Campground approached us with a web design project over the summer of 2014. They had an existing website, one that they built themselves years ago, and just didn’t have time to “mess with”. They liked the idea of having a fresh, modern website that would WORK for them without taking up any of their valuable time.

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We completely re-developed their website to create a unique, eye-catching look that would draw in potential customers and show off their campground.

We added a blog and an upcoming events section to help them stay connected with their current customers, and a large photo gallery to enhance the effectiveness of the site with first time visitors.

Then, we went to work optimizing the site for exposure in search engines. In a little over 2 months, Oak Ridge Inn & Campground went from “nowhere” to front page in several important keyword searches.

In the 4 months prior to writing this, the website had been viewed 2,256 times (average of over 16 visits per day) with over 3/4 of those being NEW.

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