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Case Study:
SEK Urgent Care

Emergency Clinic Tops Google Rankings

SEK Urgent Care in Pittsburg, Kansas, has been our client since 2009. They came to us because their current website was failing them in just about every way. It was not ranking in search engines, it was not bringing in new customers, and it was not user friendly.

Battle Plan Web Design first built an impressive user-friendly website that helped customers find important information fast. We also made it look inviting, to put to ease a potential customer’s anxieties over visiting a new doctor.

Then we infused the website with social media and search engine optimization tools that helped them quickly rise in the listings. For years now, SEK Urgent Care has been on page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo for all the important keyword searches for the medical industry in southeast Kansas.

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The photo to the right shows the website’s current ranks in the 3 major search engines, as well as a 3 month track record of one example keyword phrase. Aside from a dip here and there, this website has been consistently in the top 3 for months and months!

We invite you to contact SEK Urgent Care for a reference on the work we have done with their website over the years. We are proud to have them as an established customer.

We Can Prove It!

Don't take our word for it. Open up Google in your browser ... type in the keyword searches below ... and see where SEK Urgent Care ranks today.

Or, save yourself the typing and just click the terms below ... the Google search pages will open in a new browser.

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