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Crafting Your Social Media Message

One of the services we provide our clients is Social Media Marketing. Depending on the client and the type of business, we create a unique and engaging social media marketing campaign that promotes a company’s message on the various social sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Pinterest.

In order to maximize exposure on these social media networks, there are a number of tips we encourage our clients to take into consideration when deciding what information to promote. After all, if a company does nothing but repeat the same boring advertisement every day, people will begin to “unlike” their page. The goal is to keep the social updates fresh, interesting, and fun!

Information About Products & Services

We recommend 20% of your overall social media message be devoted to company specific promotion. This category would include information about your actual products and/or services. This is where you make your sales pitch to the people who follow your social media networks.

For instance, a heating and air conditioning repair company could promote its 24 hour emergency service, the fact its technicians dress in uniform, its years of experience, or even specific information regarding new air conditioners it can install.

Promotions, Sales & News

The next 20% of your social media message should inform your followers about company news and ways that they can save money via promotions, sales, etc. People love coupons and discounts, so come up with some unique ways to promote your brand in this way.

If possible, offer your followers a “reward” for liking, sharing or commenting on your posts. The more people engage with your posts, the farther and faster your message will travel down that “viral highway”.

These posts can be as simple as “10% off any service when you mention you saw this ad on Facebook” … or, “We are giving away a $25 gift card to one lucky follower … must LIKE and SHARE this post to be entered into the drawing.”

Community Shout-Outs

If you are a local small business, one of the best ways to gain followers on social media is to show that you care about your community. By posting about community events, local charities, schools, other businesses, and important local news, you demonstrate that your Facebook page is not solely about “selling your product”.

This 20% of your social media campaign should include links to other sites and Facebook pages (not competitors, of course). You should post photos from your community that will encourage your followers to SHARE your posts, which puts your page in front of many more people. This is how your social media network grows larger.

For instance, posting a photo and a message that congratulates the local high school football team for winning its conference does not immediately promote your business. However, this is the kind of post that people typically like, comment on, and share. If this post helps you pick up 10 new followers, then that’s 10 more people who will see your messages that do promote your business.

Basic Industry Related Information

Spend 20% of your social media campaign on generic information related to your industry. This helps show that you are interested in educating people, not necessarily “selling” them.

If you are a swimming pool maintenance company, you could post updates about the importance of the correct chemical balance of the water. If you are a pet-sitting company, you could remind people to bring their pets inside during cold weather.

Miscellaneous Posts

The final 20% of your social media campaign can actually include a variety of other interesting posts. These can include:

  • Photos added to your galleries
  • Links to blog updates on your site
  • Quotes, witty sayings, or comical memes
  • Holiday wishes (Merry Christmas, Happy Halloween, etc.)
  • Public service messages (Daylight Savings Time reminder, school closings for weather, etc.)

These guidelines will help any company that wants to utilize social media to help promote its brand. However, if you want to really maximize the potential of social media, let Battle Plan Web Design manage your social networks to optimize your success!