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Web Design For Non Profit Organizations

Web Design For Non Profit Organizations

Battle Plan Web Design offers quality web design for non profit organizations for little or no money at start up. We realize that running a business purely on donations is very difficult, and we believe and support your goals and your mission to help this world be a better place. We offer web design for charities for free because we want to help you help others. We believe in your cause, and want to partner with you to create a website that builds your credibility and helps you reach more donors.

Web Design For Non Profit Organizations

Whether you are a start up not-for-profit company, or a long standing charity, we can design a web design package that fits your needs. We offer all manner of web design for non profit organizations, from small informational sites to large, content-managed WordPress sites. If you have multiple people who need access to your site, we can develop a full content management system for your charity organization that accommodates your needs. If you need something much simpler, we can help you with that as well.

Web Design For Charities

Many companies that provide web design for charities treat your non profit organization the same as any other lucrative business. They want you to pay thousands just to design and build a site, before it ever even launches. Battle Plan Web Design has a different idea. We will work with you to design and build a creative, impressive website, and we won’t charge you. All you have to do is sign up for our monthly promotion services (starting at $45 per month) which is valuable itself. We will make sure potential donors see the web design for non profit organizations that we create for you.

Web Design For Non Profit Organizations and Charities

Web Design For Charities

Web design for non profits comes at a considerable cost to our company in time and resources, but we consider it a donation towards the efforts your company is making for this world. We want to see you pass those savings on to your cause. When we provide free web design for non profit organizations, it is our way of giving back to our community. Check out our web design for non profit organizations today.

Battle Plan Web Design caters to the budgets of small businesses, and that includes companies that are non-profit charities raising money for a cause. We understand how difficult it is to run a non profit organization on donations, and we appreciate the work you do. That is why we have a special program that provides web design for non profit organizations and charities at very little cost.

We currently have two non-profit organizations in our list of clients. Both of these companies came to Battle Plan Web Design because they were in desperate need of a website, but did not feel it was financially prudent to spend thousands of dollars having one developed. They each recognized the value in our web design for charities, and hired us on the spot.

Helping Hands, Inc.

Helping Hands, Inc. ( was founded by a woman from Sri Lanka who grew up amidst the poverty of children in her homeland. She had a dream of helping under privileged children around the world, and now her organization works with the United Nations and ambassadors from several countries to address the serious issue of hunger and poverty.

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When we began working with HHI, they had a website that had been designed by a volunteer, and it failed to present the company as a legitimate, professional organization. Our concern for HHI was that the public view them as credible. After all, who would donate to a company if they appeared to be shady, or worse yet, an all-out scam? With this in mind, we re-designed the entire site to appeal to the potential donor, so that HHI can continue to grow and accomplish their mission.

U R The Future Charity

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U R The Future Charity ( was founded by two brothers from California who are passionate about helping young people in the Unites States accomplish their goals in life. By investing into the present, this organization believes it can put a young person on a path to success. URTFC raises money through donations, and spends that money on things that build a person’s self-worth.

The first version of the URTFC website we constructed was exactly what was outlined by the founders of the charity. Then, a few weeks later, we completely re-designed the site again to better accommodate their goals. Today, the site is ever-expanding, as we have added an affiliate directory that showcases the companies that invest into this non profit organization’s mission.

FREE Web Design For Non Profit Organizations

If you are affiliated with a charity or non profit organization, we would love the opportunity to work with you to develop or re-design your website. You will not find a company with the creativity and proven results that we offer, for a price tag that is anywhere close to ours.

In most cases, we will provide our web design for your charity for FREE. All you have to do is choose one of our 3 monthly promotion packages, starting at only $45 per month. Depending on your goals, we can ensure that the money you invest is returned many times over. Give us a call today at 239-682-7851!