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How can your small business survive this new online marketplace? One place to start is by having a social media marketing plan that invests money into social media networking and social media services. Everyone has a Facebook or Twitter these days … why not reach your potential customers where they spend so much time? Of course, you don’t have time to spend hours a day on Facebook or other social media tools, because you have a small business to run. So what can you do?

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Battle Plan Web Design offers social media services that can put your business in front of your potential customers on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, or other social networking sites. We have years of experience working with these social media networking sites to help our clients reach a whole new cross section of their target demographic. Our social media marketing plan helps save you time, and make your online presence even more valuable.

Social media marketing companies such as Battle Plan Web Design all struggle to accomplish the same goal, which is to put your business in front of the masses. Many companies charge a lot of money for the use of their social media marketing tools. We don’t, because we believe a free service like Facebook or Twitter should not cost you a ton of money to use. Our social media tools cost you very little, and the reward can be extremely lucrative.

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When we build a website for your small business, our monthly service package includes social media services that help put you in front of new customers on social media networking sites. You spend a few minutes each month deciding what you want to promote as a part of your social media marketing plan, and we take over from there. Not many social media marketing companies offer such a comprehensive and stream-lined service for the small amount of money we charge. Our rates are affordable, and our success speaks for itself.

Social Media Marketing Plan

If your company wants to benefit from social media networking, hire Battle Plan Web Design to take over your social media services, and within no time at all, you’ll be reaching a whole new audience!

Social Media Services

We Promote Your Website

Social Media Networks

Social media is the marketing phenomenon of the century. We can help you tap into that resource to build your business.

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Many of our customers don’t have time to spend on social media marketing. That’s why they hire us, to do the “dirty work” for them.

We make social media marketing very simple. Once a month, you let us know what message you want to get to your customers. Maybe a new product, a big sale, or a new employee.

Then we take care of the rest, by publishing your messages throughout the month on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and other social media networks.

To your customers, it appears you are interacting with them on social media sites on a daily basis. But in reality, you are giving it 15 minutes of thought a month! After all, every minute you spend messing with Facebook or Twitter is a minute you don’t get any real work done.

We have the tools to make social media work. Let us put them to work for your business!

Direct Marketing Via Email

Acquiring new customers is a crucial component of building a business. But, we feel the MOST important customer is the one that has already done business with you and wants to come back for more!

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Fostering your relationship with repeat customers can pay off big. We can help you stay connected to your happy customers through direct marketing via email.

We set up a mailing list and offer a signup form on your website. We also show you other creative ways to get your satisfied customers to join the list.

Once they are members of your list, we can send them monthly emails that detail upcoming sales, promotions, and important news regarding your business.

A customer might not need your service today … but when they do, these gentle reminders will make them more likely to call you rather than search for a competitor.