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Service Companies:
Pictures Speak 10,000 Words

When it comes to building a website that will be an effective tool for making your phone ring with new customers, the most important component is PHOTOS.

And when it comes to photos, there are specific types of shots that really help sell a service company such as heating & air, electricians, contractors, etc.

On a subconscious level, people (potential customers) want to see pictures of OTHER PEOPLE (crew, staff, etc.) It doesn’t do much good to show a lot of pics of jobs sites and products, unless they also feature human beings that will help connect the image to the viewer.

The psychology of these photos is simple. When a potential customer hires your company to do a service in their home, a “stranger” is going to show up on their doorstep. This can cause some level of anxiety, nervousness, distrust, apprehension … all negative emotions.

If the customer has been to your website and has seen photos of your crew members in action, then that negative emotion is replaced with a positive one. When one of those crew members shows up at the door, there is a sense of familiarity and credibility. There is an instant trust created, and the customer is put at ease.

Below are 3 types of photos we want to include on a service company website. You can click each photo to open the page (in a new window) to see how the photo is integrated into the site. Please do your best to provide us with photos like these, and your website will be even more effective.

Posed Crew Shots

In Action Shots

Testimonials (Customer Shots)