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Client Tips

Service Companies:
Pictures Speak 10,000 Words

When it comes to building a website that will be an effective tool for making your phone ring with new customers, the most important component is PHOTOS. And when it comes to photos, there are specific types of shots that really help sell a service company…

Facebook Advertising?

I have clients ask from time to time whether they should invest advertising dollars into Facebook ads. Two years ago, I would have said ‘absolutely’. Since that time, however, Facebook has been steadily changing for the worse…

Testimonials: The Best Sales Pitch

Over 80% of consumers read online reviews and testimonials before choosing a local business. We can take advantage of this trend by adding testimonials to bolster your website’s effectiveness.

Crafting Your Social Media Message

We can help your business craft a successful social media marketing campaign.

In order to maximize exposure on social media, we encourage our clients to take these tips into consideration when deciding what information to promote. The goal is to keep the social updates fresh, interesting, and fun!