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Testimonials: The Best Sales Pitch

A 2013 study shows that 85% of consumers read online reviews before choosing a local business. The same study shows that 73% of consumers have more trust in a business after reading positive reviews. (Source)

What Does This Mean For Our Clients?

More than ever before, a strategic online presence is paramount for a small business to truly succeed in this increasingly “online marketplace”.

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More than 8 out of every 10 potential customers in your local area are reading about products and services online before making a buying decision. Specifically, they are reading reviews and testimonials to determine whether your products and services will meet their needs.

You have an eye-catching website that makes a good first impression, but this study indicates that is no longer enough to guarantee the sale. You need to offer testimonials and reviews written by your satisfied customers, as recommendations for your business.

So, What’s The Strategy?

Our job is to take research like this study and figure out practical ways to help our clients profit from it.

We have two suggestions that all of our clients should strongly consider in 2014.

  • Ask your satisfied customers to write a review of your business on Google+ and Facebook. These reviews will appeal to the 85% of people researching local businesses, and they also help fuel your rankings in search engines.
  • When someone writes a positive review or gives you a testimonial, email them to us. We can create a page on your website to showcase these positive reviews and make your website an even stronger sales tool.

Testimonials: The Right Way

We have all been on one of those websites that show off testimonials like this:

“The greatest product I have ever used!” – John P.

No one believes that John P. exists, or that anyone ever said this quote. This type of “made up” testimonial probably does more harm than good to the perception your customers have of your business.

The right way to present a testimonial is to include the person’s full name, the city in which they live, phone number or email address, and even a photograph. According to the study above, 79% of consumers consider a testimonial like this to be as influential as a personal recommendation from a friend!

Let us add even more credibility and sales power to your website. Contact us about adding testimonials to your website, and providing your customers with easy access to write online reviews of your business.

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